Battelle operates two applied marine sciences laboratories, providing a science-based approach to manage and protect coastal and marine systems and other water resources. The following is a set of relevant capabilities:

  • Develop, evaluate and apply methods and technologies for detecting, quantifying and characterizing changes in and the restoration of the environment including advanced mathematical models
  • Develop information systems to collect, maintain and analyze environmental data
  • Conduct vessel-based scientific sampling, monitoring and research
  • Deploy and develop sub-sea and surface technology
  • Support Marine Spatial Planning technology and implementation
  • Facilitate public participation and stakeholder coordination
  • Excel in regulatory support (NEPA, MMPA, ESA, NRDA, Clean Water, CZMA, NPDES, etc.)
  • Internationally recognized experts in analytical chemistry, wetland and coastal ecology, ecotoxicology, marine biology, modeling and remote sensing
  • Measure trace substances (organic chemicals and metals) and determine safe levels in the marine environment
  • Use satellite information and other remote sensing techniques to map, measure and model ocean activities. The information aids environmental cleanup and
  • Informs surveys of natural resources, coastal security and emergency response