NOAAWatch Daily Briefing

NOAAWatch offers information about ongoing environmental events and explains the role of NOAA in prediction, monitoring, and recovery from environmental hazards. It provides public access to current information on a number of environmental threats ranging from oil spills, to hurricanes and tsunamis, to space weather.

NOAAWatch consists of a few permanent features such as the present weather outlook and warnings, satellite image of the day, educational pages, and a link to the NOAA Weather Radio. The site’s main feature is the listing of detailed, current information on high-risk hazards as they occur.

Overview pages describing NOAA’s roles in environmental hazrds are available for Tropical Weather (hurricanes), Fire Weather, Tsunamis, Severe Weather, Flooding, Droughts, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Harmful Algal Blooms(HABs), Coral Bleaching, Oil Spills, Rip Currents, and Air Quality, Excessive Heat, and Space Weather.

NOAAWatch integrates NOAA data, products, observations, satellite images, and other information pertaining to environmental hazards. It pulls many of NOAA’s web offerings together so that web visitors can get all NOAA information related to a storm or event on one site.