Digital Coast

The Digital Coast provides the information needed by those who want to conserve and protect coastal communities and natural resources.

While the need for good geospatial data forms the foundation of the Digital Coast, the basic premise of the siteis the understanding that data alone are not enough. People need the associated tools, training, and information that turn data into information capable of making a difference. And people want this information in one connected package that is easy to use. Digital Coast does just that.

NOAA Economics and Social Sciences

NOAA provides the science, services, and stewardship that allow commerce and government to be effective and competitive in an ever-changing natural environment. Our unique focus is on monitoring, predicting, and managing the Earth’s dynamic natural environment including weather, space weather, natural hazards, and ocean ecosystems and marine conditions. Not surprisingly, economic thinking, research, and analysis play a part in nearly all we do at NOAA.

Economic Resources:

State of the Coast

The State of the Coast website offers quick facts and more detailed statistics through interactive indicator visualizations that provide highlights of what we know about coastal communities, coastal ecosystems, and the coastal economy and about how climate change might impact the coast. In addition, it offers case studies and management success stories that highlight often complex connections across the four State of the Coast themes: coastal communities; coastal ecosystems; coastal economy; and the climate.