Friends of NOAA

The Friends of NOAA (FoNOAA) are supporters, stakeholders, employees, and partners of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who join together to encourage Congress and the Administration to adequately support the agency’s budget.

FoNOAA believes that NOAA is essential to America’s economy, security, environment, and quality of life, and that only a balanced approach to funding the agency will allow NOAA to realize the greatest economic and job creation benefits for the American people. From the 2010 Deepwater Horizon tragedy, where it took more than four months to accurately gauge the amount of oil spilled, to 2011’s record-breaking string of 14, $10 billion disasters, ongoing events provide ample evidence that Americans desperately need NOAA’s fully integrated range of oceanic and atmospheric data, products, and services – and perhaps now more than ever before. With over half of Americans living along our coasts, insured coastal property worth some $9 trillion, and weather- and climate- sensitive industries accounting for an overwhelming majority of US GDP, it is clear that investments in NOAA provide superior value to the nation by enabling businesses and government to better manage risk and optimize decision making.